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Hans Rosling explains overpopulation and climate change

Hans Rosling: Overpopulation and climate change

Hans Rosling explains overpopulation and climate change

We pay tribute to Hans Rosling, the Swedish data scientist and sustainable development advocate who passed away on 7 February 2017. Even though Rosling was modest about ‘his impact on knowledge’, he was lauded as a data guru and ‘edutainer’ on the topics of population, wealth, inequality and development. It is easy to see why he became so popular from the video clip below, where he exlains overpopulation and climate change, made during an interview by the Guardian in 2013.

He had the exceptional ability to explain the most pressing global issues of our age, such as overpopulation and climate change, in terms that everyone can understand. However, these simple explanations were underpinned by solid facts and data science, so that his world vision was even more convincing. A truly inspiring leader for his optimism and global vision on sustainable development.

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