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How I nurture my green career in sustainability


Valerie Jemima Brou

Valerie Jemima Brou is a young Ivorian with a passion for the environment, sustainability and conservation marketing. Her chosen mission is protecting nature. Especially by inspiring youth action through her digital marketing communication skills


Pursuing a green career is the opportunity to serve and have an impact on the environment and the earth. That’s why I decided to nurture my career in this sector. I find it really interesting to inspire people to take action together for the environment.  In this article, I want to show you what a green career is, where to find a green job, and how to develop a green career by describing my own experience.

What is a green career?

A green career is a job that can be focused on the environment and restoration but for a lot of people is about making an impact. Aiming for a green career is deciding to take action against climate change and build a sustainable world. According to the founders of Ben and Jerry’s  a friendly career is a career that helps to solve climate change and reduce unemployment . Especially in this century, the importance of sustainable jobs for young people is vital. So having a career in sustainability will open the door for to solving the unemployment as well. 

Now you know what a green career is and why it’s important. So, how can you find green jobs?

Where to find green jobs? Examples of green jobs and sectors

Green job opportunities are available in job search platforms such as Green Dream Jobs, Conservation Job Board In America. Alternatively, Green Job and Environment Job in Europe. There are also global job boards, for example, Conservation Careers.

Job vacancies on these search platforms can look like they are exclusively for those who already have green experience. But don’t worry. Even if you have never worked in a sustainable area, there will still be an opportunity for you to apply. You can also decide to learn about it by subscribing to green training courses or apprenticeships. This will help you to get abasic knowledge of working in a green career and develop your own path.

The offers in green careers are different depending on what your interest is. Because it’s not only about the environment but also related sectors like renewable energy, clean water.

If you want to get a green degree and build a sustainable career, there are some colleges offering a green program. For example, in the United States there is the Pinchot college, the University of California; The School of Wildlife Conservation in Africa; The Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK; Dulwich College in Singapore, Asia.

Additionally, people can take training for their green career and sustainability through green business certification.

Examples of Jobs in Sustainability :

Education:  Ecology Teacher, Green Education Facilitator
Technology and Waste Management: Environmental Specialist
Energy:  Air quality engineer, Energy Analyst, Renewable Energy Civil Site Designer
Responsible business or NGOs: Chief sustainability officer, climate action coordinator, Forest Carbon Accounting
Transportation: Electric bicycle production
Policymaking and Public service: Minister of the Environment,

How do I develop a green career? My own experience

Well, my journey into a green career wasn’t planned. I never thought of working or doing something related to the environment. As a normal kid growing up in an urban environment, the sense of being popular and making more money was all that mattered. Until one day, on a walk with my mom, I saw a man dump the garbage from his house in the middle of the street. The smell invaded the whole street. Unfortunately, nobody said anything about it. I felt sad and by that day I decided to be an environmental activist.

I joined the African Leadership University to work on a mission to become an environmental economist. My goal was to predict the impact of events and human activities on the environment. This college has taught me to focus on a cause and not just a subject Bachelor’s degree. Consequently, at the end of my academic program, I have to get work experience to solve a current issue. This is also what motivates me to develop a green career. I don’t want to work just for a profit. But also to fulfill my passion to solve the environmental issues in my community and engage with other young people.

Volunteering helps to better understand local and global issues

Additionally, I volunteered for an environmental organisation in my community.  There I was able to sensitize the local youth on the importance of protecting the environment. Practically, we were able to do activities for the environment such as cleaning beaches and oceans in the country. Also, I volunteered for the IUCN Global youth summit where I was able to serve as an online moderator. Sessions dedicated to young people talking about their organisations and the different actions they had to carry out. These sessions also allowed me to have more understanding of the ecological and conservation work carried out in Africa. As a result, my interest to be an actor in this field increased.

Training and certification

To develop my green career, I undertook some training. For instance, I got certified for the National Geographic course Introduction to Conservation. Another course that I completed was with Conservation Career. All these valuable experiences have helped me to push my green career. For sure, I intend to carry on. So, I would encourage anybody who wants to be involved and make a green impact to start volunteering with a green organisation or attend training to get more knowledge on a specific subjexct. It’s a real stepping stone for your career.


Sustainability is a growing field and it is not too late for anyone of any age to pursue this as a career. But the only conditions I would set are: First, you have to be passionate and, secondly, you must what impact you would like to make for the environment. Only these two goals will allow you to succeed in a green career. So, I would recommend to anyone who wants to move forward to take the sustainability courses and conservation training to learn more. Then you can start to really make an impact in your green career.

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