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The mission is to save Biodiversity by promoting new thinking in all sectors – Business, NGO and Government and by stimulating win-win solutions for Conservation

What does saving tigers really have to do with us?

Tigers are a key species with a strong influence on their entire ecosystem, which ranges from the Siberian mountains to the plains and forests of India. So pretty much the whole of Asia ( its historic range), which is the world’s largest and most populous continent.

Sadly, from all the global challenges facing the human race in this century, the loss of biodiversity is the most misunderstood and underrated by the general public and those in positions of power and influence.

”With the current biodiversity loss, we are witnessing the greatest extinction since dinosaurs disappeared from our planet 65 million years ago. Not only are these extinctions irreversible, but they also pose a threat to our health and wellbeing” (IUCN 2013.)

Click to read a full version of my research Report ‘Re-inventing Capitalism to save the Tiger’  

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