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sustainable beekeeping
sustainable beekeeping

Planting for pollinators to help bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects

Planting for pollinators to halt the insect apocalypse

Pollinators are in trouble. Their populations are in decline due to our use of farmland and pesticides. Not to mention climate change. As a result, many pollinating insects no longer have enough habitat to feed or nest. Scientists are still studying the long-term patterns and impacts. In the meantime, everyone can help to stop this decline. Governments and industry must do their bit to transform our food system. But YOU can also make a big difference by actions in your home and community.

YOU can start or join an ON THE VERGE Group. Create a wildflower meadow in your GARDEN or COMMUNITY.



” Insects have declined by 75% in the past 50 years. Our world will grind to a halt without them.
To save them, we need to act, and act now” 

Dave Goulson, author of ‘Silent Earth: Averting the insect apocalypse’

Planting for Pollinators: Why are insects so important to us?

These days insects are unloved, apart from the pretty ones like butterflies and bees. But most people do not understand their crucial role in supporting life on earth.

Simply put, one in every 3 bites of food that we eat depends on animal pollinators. Insects are at the bottom of our food pyramid. Without them, the entire pyramid would collapse. They are needed as pollinators for our food crops. It is estimated that about a third of the world’s food crops cannot reproduce without the pollen carried around by moths, butterflies and bees. So, without pollination you would not be able to enjoy apples, bananas, coconuts, tea, coffee and chocolate, to mention just a few!  In addition, pollinators perform other crucial so-called ‘eco-system services’ such as improving our soil, cleaning the air and controlling pests. Ultimately, their fundamental role in our food system means that they serve as food for birds, fish, reptiles and animals higher up the food chain that feeds the whole of humanity. So without them, humans cannot survive.

Top 10 pollinating insects in Britain

1.Silver Y Moth (image)
3.Marmalade Hoverfly
5.Tree Wasp


6. Ashy Mining Bee
7. Solitary Bee
8. False Oil beetle
9. Red Soldier beetle
10. Red Mason Bee

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