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Tawau Hills Park is a stunning primary rainforest. Wildlife is abundant throughout the park, with regular sightings of several hornbill species, squirrels (including the delightful tufted pygmy squirrel) and primates ranging from the red leaf monkey to the Bornean gibbon. Bornean pygmy elephants roam the park. The flora of the park is also notable, with over 150 orchids including the impressive elephant ear orchid and at least 60 different ferns. Some of the yellow Meranti trees here are among the tallest tropical trees in the world, including one that is nearly 97m – taller than the Statue of Liberty. Much closer to the ground, forest tortoise are often seen by the hiking trails that lead to the park’s spectacular waterfalls and hot springs.

Your guides are Shavez and Chun who are well-known for their passion to protect this local bio-hotspot. Notably, they are experts at spotting snakes and frogs by torchlight, but they can also tell you about tackling poaching and restoring forest corridors. Get your flashlight ready to spot the abundance of species on this Tawau Hills Park holiday: 109 mammals, 336 birds, 84 frogs and 52 snakes!


Price           : £179 p.person
Size             : Minimum 2 people
Duration    : 3 days / 2 nights
Location    : Tawau Hills Park, Sabah
Time           : All year round
Language  : English, Malay, Chinese
Transfer    : Includes pick-up & drop-off


At the start of your Tawau Hills Discovery holiday, we will collect you from your location, be it the airport or your hotel. We will then transfer you to Tawau Hills Park. There, you can check into your accommodation. It is a basic hostel, but with private rooms. Lunch can be enjoyed at the canteen, with all meals being provided as part of your trip. At your leisure, you can familiarise yourself with the untouched environment. On the evening walk, you may spot a variety of frog species at the nearby pond, with an amazing sound.

On the second day, you will be rising early to hear the amazing sounds of the jungle. This offers you a chance to observe primates in the early morning light. Additionally, you will be trekking in the Sabah jungle to observe more of the local wildlife. In a short distance you will be able to find red leaf monkeys, gibbons, hornbills and kingfishers, as well as some reptiles, such as monitor lizards, and various interesting insects. Furthermore, your rainforest tour will include monitoring the camera traps and wildlife nest boxes that have been set up by your guides.

For the third day of your Borneo wildlife vacation, you will have the opportunity to go for a stroll to a scenic waterfall. Afterward, you may take a shower and pack your belongings. There is transportation available if you need to be driven to your hotel, the airport, or some other nearby location.

  • 2 nights lodge accommodation
  • All meals
  • Excursions with local guide
  • Transfers
  • Park fees

-Travel to and from Tawau
-Passport and visa fees
-Personal travel and medical insurance
-Tips and any luggage fees
-Professional camera fees (paid to the Park)
-Optional activities

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